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William Herschel at the crossroads
  William Herschel’s career shift from art to science can be regarded as a symbol of the change that music aesthetics underwent in the eight…
Forging and legitimizing Dutch metal
  Dutch heavy metal came of age in 2001 with the first mainstream success of the symphonic metal band Within Temptation, whose single Ice quee…
Couperin and aesthetic reconciliation
  François Couperin’s first attempts to reconcile French and Italian musical tastes came shortly after 1700, at the height of a prolonged c…
Don Byron’s intercultural eclecticism
  The eclecticism of Don Byron and his music reflects the decentralization of music in the U.S., where there is no single musical culture but…
Père Castel’s ocular harpsichord
  The Jesuit priest Louis-Bertrand Castel had his hour of fame in the 18th century thanks to his ocular harpsichord. Starting from the idea…