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Trude Rittmann, unsung Broadway hero
    Gertrud “Trude” Rittmann was on her way to becoming one of Germany’s most promising young composers when the rise of N…

From virginal to Tangentenflügel
  A small polygonal virginal built by Franciscus Bonafinis in 1585 was ingeniously converted to a tangent piano in 1717; this was accomplished si…

Bhad Bhabie arrives
  In 2017 a Florida teenager went from a notorious segment on the Dr. Phil show to signing a major-label record deal as a rapper. A September 201…

Cuba’s corneta china
  As one of the four main ethnic groups in Cuba, the Chinese people have made notable cultural contributions. Among the most significant of these…

Studia musicologica Labacensia
In 2017 Založba Univerze na Primorskem inaugurated the series Studia musicologica Labacensia (ISSN 2536-2445) with Glasbene migracije: Stiči…