Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale
The World’s Writings on A World of Music

RILM at the 3rd International Music Forum
Beijing conference on research on music and dance to include papers by RILM editors and developers.

RILM in Tokyo
A one-day conference on June 16.

Assistant Editor position: Filled
Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) is seeking to hire a part-time Assistant Editor to work in our offices at the CUNY Graduate Center.

RILM at RCC in London
You are invited to enjoy breakfast with RILM and learn about our array of music research tools.

RILM at MLA in Portland, Oregon
You are invited to lunch with RILM and learn about updates and achievements of the past year.

RILM at AMS, Rochester, 2017
An invitation to a Friday lunch with RILM.

RILM Takes Over The Index to Printed Music
Research tool for searching published editions of music to continue under RILM's sponsorship.
Asian-European music research e-journal
In summer 2018 the Asia-Europe Music Research Center at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music launched Asian-European music research e-journal, a peer-re…

Coltrane’s saxophonic scream
The critical reception of John Coltrane’s saxophonic scream—an incredibly high-pitched, raw, and intense explosion of timbre—demonst…

Béla Fleck’s Africa Project
In early 2005 Béla Fleck traveled to Tanzania, Uganda, Gambia, and Mali to meet, jam, and record with an impressive array of musicians, bringin…

Louis Jordan and “Caldonia”
In an interview, Louis Jordan recalled the background of his 1945 hit Caldonia: “Caldonia started a long time before I came to New York. There u…

Cathy Berberian’s humor
Irony and humor were inseparable parts of Cathy Berberian’s musical life; they permeated and guided her musical choices, her works, and her inte…