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Music's Intellectual History reviewed in Fontes Artis Musicae RILM's volume of essays on music historiography, entitled Music's Intellectual History, has been reviewed by Peter Sühring in Fontes Artis Musicae 59/1 (January–March 2012) 81–83. For an English translation of the review, click here.

Alan Lomax and multiculturalism
When Alan Lomax accepted a position as the Assistant in Charge of the Archive of American Folk Song at the Library of Congress in 1936 he became a ga…

Charlie Rivel, guitar clown
Born Josep Andreu i Lassere in Catalunya in 1896, Charlie Rivel’s career began at the age of three and continued until two years before his death i…

Becoming Jerome Kern
While some scholars have suggested that Jerome Kern’s early work has little relevance to his later output, there are many continuities—not only in…

Ewan MacColl and the BBC
Many aficionados of Scottish traditional music regard Ewan MacColl as one of the foremost singers of his generation; fewer know of his pioneering rad…

Mashup aesthetics
The aesthetics of musical mashups lie in a particular kind of technical virtuosity and set of listening skills, rather than in the creation of somethi…