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The Apollo 11 mixtape
According to NASA, during the Apollo 11 moon voyage the astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins listened to a special cassette mix…
The Field Band Foundation and local values
The Field Band Foundation (FBF) is a South African national nonprofit organization that has reached more than 40,000 youth since its inception in 1997…
Bibliolore turns 10!
by Jim Cowdery, Senior Editor, RILM Abstracts of Music Literature Sometime in the summer of 2009, Zdravko Blažeković, RILM’s Executive Editor,…
Harvey Pekar and jazz
Harvey Pekar, author of the autobiographical comic series American splendor, was also a jazz fan, an obsessive record collector, a prolific jazz criti…
The Smithsonian Institution's Object of the Day, October 5, 2019: Elaine Brown's "Seize the Time" (1969)
Album cover of Seize the Time, by Elaine Brown, Vault Records, SLP-131 (LP), 1969 Back of album cover The First Songs of the American Revolutio…