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The Stax/Volt Revue
The Stax/Volt Revue was a central event in the history of the Stax record label and a key moment in the transatlantic appreciation of soul music. It w…
Cherubini and revolutionary opera
Luigi Cherubini’s Médée was the first new major operatic work based on classical subject matter to appear on a Paris stage after years of lip serv…
Rosie Flores and “Working girl’s guitar”
In an interview, Rosie Flores discussed the title cut of her 2012 album Working girl’s guitar: There’s a friend of mine who does, well, everythin…
Sonny Rollins and thematic improvisation
Sonny Rollins’s extensive use of improvised thematic development in his 1956 recording of Blue 7 marked a new level of musical evolution for jazz.
Schubert’s feminine voices
Schubert’s early female characterizations stem from the tradition of the poets whose works he set. Matthisson’s Die Betende and An Laura evoke P…