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Art création recherche outils savoirs synesthésie
In 2019 Delatour France launched the book series Art création recherche outils savoirs synesthésie with L'émergence en musique: Dialogue des scienc…
Tepsijanje—singing by the pan
Singing by the pan, a women’s folk tradition known as tepsijanje (“panning”), was documented in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Ottoman period…
W.F. Bach’s polonaises
The 12 keyboard polonaises of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach were immensely popular during the composer’s lifetime, and they are among his best-known piece…
Idelsohn’s “Thesaurus of Hebrew Oriental melodies”
[caption id="attachment_17390" align="alignnone" width="500"] The First Committee of the Hebrew Language, Jerusalem 1912. Sitting (from right to left)…
Aaron Copland’s “gold nuggets”
While Aaron Copland’s works are widely celebrated for their elegant formal coherence, his compositional method was strikingly nonlinear; in fact, he…