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The Chanterelle guitar anthology
In 2019 Schott issued The Chanterelle guitar anthology: 40 classical guitar miniatures from Sor to Segovia (RILM Abstracts 2019-16967), which presents…
International journal of music science, technology, and art
In 2019 Accademia Musicale “Studio Musica” launched International journal of music science, technology, and art, an international and double-blind…
T-bone Walker’s legacy
One of the most important and enduring icons of blues history, the charismatic T-Bone Walker radically transformed the music with a combination of ins…
The Siena piano
A legendary instrument whose sonorities reputedly have no equal anywhere, praised by musicians such as Liszt and Saint-Saëns, the Siena piano is surr…
Mozart’s carriage and the Haydn cartwright tradition
In 1762 Leopold Mozart purchased a horse-drawn coach in Pressburg: a well-sprung, covered travel carriage for four at the price of “nur 23 duccatten…