Meeting Year

Meeting Location City in English form (where possible)

2nd Meeting Year

2nd Meeting Location City in English form (where possible)

Name The title of the symposium. Separate two titles with a semicolon.

If three or more locations or years are covered, enter the first two and leave the additional information in the Committee Note field. The editor will add it to the prefix for the TOC/abstract.

Enter the name of the symposium in Name even if it is exactly the same as in the title field on MAIN SCREEN. This is because the symposium name is searchable in EBSCO.

For national conferences, do not translate the conference title. We no longer change initial ordinals, written out or in Roman, to Arabic numerals; enter these just as they are given:

IV Jornadas de Estudios sobre Historia de la Guitarra

Primeiro Congresso Continental

For international conferences, if the conference name is multilingual, use the English version, even if the publication is not in English:

31st Congress of Americanists