As of spring 2015, reviews are still sub-records (attached to) the records for the works reviewed. It is not possible to access a review without a main record, although lengthy review articles may be accessed as AP and also attached as reviews.

Always check the Imprints screen to make sure you’re attaching the review to the correct edition.

See GENERAL NOTES ON COVERAGE for tips on how to deal with main records that were not published in your country.

Open this screen with the + (PLUS) icon.

The + (PLUS) button below the review allows you to open a blank review template.

The X button at bottom allows you to delete the review. Usually you would only do this if you realize too late that you’ve attached it to the wrong edition.

The JID lookup functions are described at JOURNAL CITATIONS.

If you have a review in which no publication year or edition information for the item is given, or for which your only source is a citation/journal table of contents, you may generally assume the review is of the first edition. However, if the year of the review is much later than the year of the first edition, check the national library in the country of publication to see if newer editions exist. If so, the review most likely belongs with an edition published no more than a few years before the date of your review. If you cannot find enough information to make a decision, and the review is in a core or secondary journal for your country, contact your committee liaison for assistance. If the problematic review is in a tertiary or non-music journal, skip it. Such lack of clarity is most common with older issues of periodicals that have not been completely digitized.

Sometimes you will find that the review is of a paperback edition or reprint edition, published after the hardcover or first edition, and for which no record exists in iBis2. Make an accession, in the proper RILM year, for the new edition, and add a RILM reference back to the first edition. (See RILM REFERENCES.) If the first edition is not accessed, please do so if possible, or leave a Committee Note in the reprint accession with the relevant information.

The PASTE button is useful when you are accessing an entire issue of a journal, reviews included. If you click the COPY button in the last AP citation you made, you can default part of the citation into the review field. If you are accessing only reviews from a given issue, you will need to look up and default the JID for the first review you enter. Once the review entry is complete, click SAVE and then the COPY button. For the next review, use the PASTE button to default.

RRY, medium, language, pagination, URL, DOI, and reviewer name do not transfer. These will have to be filled in each time.

Pages Remember to use hyphens, not n-dashes.