After you log in, you can use the dropdown menu under your initials (TLA) to view the following pages:

My Accessions

This is a chronological display of all of the records you have created, by RILM fiscal year (July through June). The records are listed by date of creation. The display includes the accession number, author, title, document type, and other parameters. The accession number is a hot link to the record.

As of May 2017, there is no discrete field that displays the number of abstracts you added to records created under your account during the relevant RILM year. To determine the number of abstracts, you can either count the green abstract checkmarks, or, if there are very many abstracts, subtract the number of records that have no abstracts (abstract checkmark field is blank) from the record total overall. The field Abstracts Added to Existing Records reflects abstracts you added during the relevant RILM year to records created by other people, or by you in a previous RILM year. Thus, this field may legitimately display a count of zero.

If you have questions about the counting system, please contact your RILM liaison:

My Journal Citations

This is a subset of the records in My Accessions. It also shows the JID, journal title, vol/no, and pagination. The accession number is a hot link to the record. The ID number in the first column is a stable identifier for that accession. It will not change even if the record is moved to a different year and thus generates a new RY-AC.

Journals by Country

This is a list of all journals in iBis in which your country appears as country of publication, including ceased titles.

The JID (here called ID) is hot linked to the journal citations display page in

Committee field: If your country appears here, it is because this journal is listed as core, secondary, or tertiary on your country’s page on the RILM website:

You will also see journals from your country that have been covered in the past, or that are currently covered by the International Center staff. Most will have been assigned priority designations.

This list is generated from the accessions history in iBis. The presence of these journals in the list does not mean they are currently being covered. That depends on a variety of factors, including the journal’s priority designation and the International Center’s access to print, online archives, tables of contents, or citations in online bibliographies. Please be in touch with your committee liaison by e-mail if you have comments or questions on these journals.