General Principles

Each time you create a new record, open an existing record, open a search screen, or open an authority table in iBis2, a new tab is generated and will have to be closed manually when you are done. Mouse over the X. It will turn red and Close Tab will display. Click on it the X to close the tab.

The field border will turn blue when you click on or navigate into a field via the tab key. This color change is simply to help you see where the cursor is at any given time.

If you have not saved a screen before attempting to go to another screen, you will see a message: This page is asking you to confirm that you want to leave - data you have entered may not be saved. Click Stay on Page, then Save.

If you click in a field by mistake and find that this message is generated, choose Leave Page, and iBis will retrieve the screen you requested.

The + (PLUS) create a new, blank form. See the bottoms of the JOURNAL CITATION, IMPRINTS, and REVIEWS screens.

+ (PLUS) also opens certain screens that don’t display in their entirety otherwise, because they are not always used. Once open, + (PLUS) converts to – (MINUS) and can be used to close the field if you decide you don’t need it after all. Once data has been saved in a field, that field will remain displayed unless it is deleted.

The X icons at the bottom of most screens allow the deletion of the contents of that screen. If there are multiple entries (such as reviews), the X deletes only the entry immediately above it.

Despite the fact that all screens (other than ABSTRACT & INDEX) can be viewed via the pull-down bar at right, each screen still has a SAVE button that controls the information on that screen.

The navigation buttons for the various screens also appear across the top of the main screen and are clickable.

Copy and Paste buttons are available on the JCIT, REVIEWS, and COVER (BID) screens. For JCIT and REVIEWS, you will see only the Copy option until you click on + (PLUS) to open another JCIT or review form. Then only the Paste button will display. Once it is clicked and the data saved, you will again see only the Copy button. The use of these buttons is described in the relevant sections of the manual.

If you delete part of or all of the contents of a screen, you will need to refresh the page. Click on the blue RY-AC number at top left of the screen. This will clear out status messages such as “Deleted review no. 1” and close the field if there is no longer anything in it. The + (PLUS) button will again display for future entries.