The JID search button in iBiS has been replaced with a multifunctional display that will allow you to view the entire accession history for a given periodical, linking past and current title/publisher variants where they exist. This allows us to quickly find all accessions and reviews from a given issue, to correct or amend records where needed, and to identify lacunae (including for the RILM Retrospective project).

To search for records attached to a given JID, go to the Accession Search screen.

Click Authorities.

Click Journals.

Type the JID or the start of the journal title into the blank search field.

You can test this using Musicæ Scientiæ. The search is not sensitive to diacritics, so the digraph can be keyed as ae.

You will see two results, for JIDs 265 and 14911.

Click on the title for JID 265. This will take you to

Now click on Usage Statistics at upper right and choose Citations.

This will link you to the Citations screen in

At left, you will that JID 14911 is linked.

At right, you will see a table with clickable tabs for Year.

Click on each Year tab to open the display for that year. You will now see the entire accessions history for both JIDs, and that 2011 is the year in which JID 14911 begins.

The numbers at right of the display are number of accessions from the issue/number of accessions first read/number of reviews.

To view accessions for a given issue, click on the JID at the beginning of the line display for that issue. Click on the JID again to close the display.

To view a given accession, click on the title for that record.

You will be able to view all screens, but as in iBiS, there are restrictions on the fields you can update once a record is citation checked and first read. The Committee Notes field remains available to you for additions and corrections, and will continue to generate a notification for the International Office staff.