This screen is for school information and the series and imprint.

Degree: Choose from drop-down menu. If the relevant degree is not there, leave a Committee Note and an editor will add the information.

Year: Enter year of degree.

Discipline: Fill in from the drop-down menu as needed. This can be left blank.

School: Click on the magnifying glass icon to open a new search window. Use the % wildcard if necessary. Click on the result you wish to use. If the institution is not in the table, it can be typed into the field. It can be edited in AUTHORITIES/SCHOOLS.

This field also features an icon that shows whether the school is validated; a red exclamation point means that it is not. Validation is a function performed by the International Center staff, generally when the record is indexed, but as of 2015 there are many existing school table entries that have not yet been validated.

Volumes If there will be no imprint, enter the number of volumes if 2 or more.

PP Put pagination here if there will not be an imprint. If there are 2 or more volumes, and you know the pagination for each, separate the page numbers for the volumes with a semicolon and a space, e.g., 98; 123. Front matter page numbers are given in Roman numerals, separated by a comma and a space: e.g., x, 98; iii, 123.

Imprints If the dissertation has been published as a book, enter the imprint and series, if given, as you would for a BM. See IMPRINTS for instructions on looking up and creating SIDs and PIDs. If there is an imprint, the pagination goes here, rather than in the degree section above.

Volumes and PP fields repeat here. Fill them in if there is an imprint, and remove them from the Dissertation section if they have already been entered there.

Year is defaulted when you create the record.

Label: Choose ISBN and/or UMI and fill in as necessary.

Special Note on dissertations and the books based on them:

The dissertation and the book can go in the same record IF:

  • They have the same title.
  • They are essentially the same text.

A dissertation re-titled, expanded, or published much later than the original should always have a separate accession. If you cannot confirm the original title, year, or other details, leave a Committee Note indicating what is known, and an editor will research it.