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Information for Publishers

Publishers around the world have partnered with RILM to make their journal and encyclopedia content, covering a wide range of subjects in music, available to researchers worldwide. RILM has created an infrastructure that broadens the value of this content, making it accessible to hundreds of institutions, organizations, and individual researchers. Following our mission to provide the world’s writings on music to the global research community, we offer new ways to expand publishers’ market reach by integrating journals in full text into our widely used flagship resource RILM Abstracts and by integrating reference works into our ever-expanding RILM Music Encyclopedias. We are constantly exploring leading technologies for preserving, delivering, and linking content on our platform Egret, and in this capacity we offer to be your research and development partner. Noteworthy features of Egret are:

  • A bilingual English / German interface
  • Instant translation into over 100 languages through integrated Google Translate
  • User accounts in which annotations and notes can be created, saved, and shared
  • Traceable browsing history, facilitating easy reference to previously viewed content
  • Sortability of works lists, bibliographies, discographies, and other lists
  • Easy switching between current and older versions of each article
  • Cross-references linking related content throughout the products
  • Links to related content in RILM Abstracts of Music Literature and other resources
  • An interface compatible with mobile and tablet devices

With no investment on the publisher’s part other than providing content in hard-copy or electronic form, we offer to include you in our current and ongoing projects or to customize a strategy that preserves your content and makes it ever more accessible as we have done with the renowned German-language encyclopedia MGG Online. We invite you to approach us with your projects.

If you are interested in partnering with RILM, contact us at