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RILM Retrospectives (series)
Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie, series editor
Edited by Zdravko Blažeković and James R. Cowdery
(RILM Retrospectives no. 5)
The largest compilation of its kind, the retrospective volume features abstracted and indexed citations of 3881 essays from 715 books.
Edited by James R. Cowdery, Zdravko Blažeković, and Barry S. Brook
(RILM Retrospectives no. 4)
A fully abstracted and indexed bibliography of some 6000 published papers presented at 500 conferences.

Out of print:

Guitar and vilhuela: An annotated bibliography by Meredith Alice McCutcheon (Stuyvesant, N.Y.: Pendragon Press, 1985; ISBN 0-918728-28-2) (RILM Retrospectives no. 3)

French language dissertations: An annotated bibliography by Jean Gribenski (Stuyvesant, N.Y.: Pendragon Press, 1979; ISBN 0-918728-09-6) (RILM Retrospectives no. 2)

Thematic catalogues in music by Barry S. Brook (Hillsdale, N.Y.: Pendragon Press, 1972). Revised and updated by Barry S. Brook and Richard Viano (Stuyvesant, N.Y.: Pendragon Press, 1997; ISBN 0-918728-02-9) (RILM Retrospectives no. 1)