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Posted on Thursday October 31 2019

RILM at SEM, Bloomington

Please join Insia Malik and Jim Cowdery for a free lunch at the annual SEM conference in Bloomington, Indiana, on Saturday 9 November 2019 from 12:15–1:45pm in the Federal Room. We will give insight into RILM's strong commitment to international and multilingual scholarship, and inclusion of global non-music resources that are relevant to ethnomusicologists. We will also provide useful information on RILM Abstracts of Music Literature with Full Text, the full-text enhancement of the unrivaled music bibliography; RILM Music Encyclopedias, the continually expanding full-text repository of global musical reference works, which from 2020 will be available also on RILM’s platform; and MGG Online, the continuously updated online resource of one of the most extensive music encyclopedias currently available. To reserve lunch and a seat, please send a message to conferences@rilm.org with the subject heading “SEM lunch”, and include your name and institution. RSVP is needed by Friday 1 November.

Throughout the conference Insia and Jim can also be found in the Exhibit Hall.