February 2020 Stats:
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1,279,978 records
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335,980 full-text records
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308,095 entries
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579,476 records
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RILM National Committee of Israel

Dr. Anat Viks, coordinator
Head, Cataloging Division
Felicja Blumental Music Center & Library, Tel Aviv
Dr. Yosef Goldenberg
Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Core Journals

דוכן [Dẇkan]
Israel studies in musicology / Min-ad: Israel studies in musicology online
Music in time / Music and dance in time
Orbis musicae: Studies in musicology
פעימות [Ṗ'iymŵt]
תצליל Tatzlil (The Chord): A forum for music research and bibliography
יובל Yuval: Studies of the Jewish Music Research Centre
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