April 2020 Stats:
RILM Abstracts
1,279,978 records
RILM Abstracts with Full Text
335,980 full-text records
RILM Music Encyclopedias
308,095 entries
Index to Printed Music
579,476 records
1421 posts

Board of Directors

Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie, President
Philippe Vendrix, Chair
Richard W. Young, Secretary
L. Charles Fink, Treasurer
Zdravko Blažeković
Elizabeth Davis
Richard Freedman

Commission Mixte

RILM is advised by a Commission Internationale Mixte made up of four representatives from each of RILM’s three sponsoring organizations: the International Musicological Society (IMS), the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentations Centres (IAML), and the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM). All 12 representatives are voting members of the Commission Mixte; the Editor-in-Chief is a non-voting member.

Laurent Pugin (IMS), President

Juan José Carreras (IMS)
Jürgen Diet (IAML)
Elizabeth Giuliani (IAML)
Stanisław Hrabia (IAML)
Jean Kidula (ICTM)
Gerda Lechleitner (ICTM)
萧梅 / Xiao Mei (ICTM)
Melanie Plesch (IMS)
Anthony Seeger (ICTM)
Jennifer Ward (IAML)
Frans Wiering (IMS)