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Jadranka Važanová (b. Horáková) graduated in musicology and aesthetics from the Univerzita Komenského in Bratislava (M.A. 1992) and received her Ph.D. in ethnomusicology at the City University of New York with the dissertation entitled “Svadobné nôty: Ceremonial wedding tunes in the context of  Slovak traditional culture“ (2008). Before coming to the United States, Jadranka worked as a research assistant and lecturer at the Univerzita Komenského. In 1994, she received the stipend of the Österreichischer Austauschdienst for a one-year study at the Universität Wien, and in 1995, she was awarded the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst stipend for the research at the International Institute for Traditional Music in Berlin. She gave lectures on Slovak traditional music in Zagreb, Vienna, and Berlin, and taught world music classes at Hunter College. Jadranka’s research interests include music of ethnic groups and minorities, ceremonial genres of traditional songs of Slavic people, and the transformation processes in traditional musical cultures of Central and Eastern Europe. She conducted ethnomusicological fieldwork in Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, and New York. Jadranka’s studies have been published in journals Narodna umjetnost (P.I.3/1991), Studia musicologica slovaca et europaea (XVIII/1993), World of Music (3/1997), Slovenská hudba (3/2000, 2/2002), and Musicologica istropolitana (2004), and in the collections of essays and conference proceedings Echo der Vielfalt/Echoes of Diversity (ed. Ursula Hemetek, Wien, 1996), Musik im Umbruch/New Countries, Old Sounds? (ed. Bruno Reuer, Berlin, 1999), Glasba in Manjšine/Music and Minorities (ed. Svanibor Pettan, Adelaida Reyes, Maša Komavec, Ljubljana, 2001), Piesňové žánre v tradičnej hudobnej kultúre (ed. Hana Urbancová, Bratislava, 1999), and Piesňová tradícia etnických menšín v období Vianoc (ed. Hana Urbancová, Bratislava, 2006). Jadranka read papers at meetings of the Society for Ethnomusicology, the International Council for Traditional Music, and at numerous international conferences in Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, and Germany. Jadranka works as Editor at RILM International Center, where she translates, accesses, abstracts, and indexes Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian, and German materials, and edits Ethnomusicology and Pedagogy classes.